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MARIO NIC Alien Attack

Become the first human that protects all human races in universe

Your mission is to eliminate all alien threats in the last human civilization in StoneWatch planet, CrystalVenom planet, and CactusFear planet. Your fleet under General Mario command, with extremely advanced NIC technology was the last human Starfleet ever existed. Destroy every threat in your path and achieve highest score and rank. Unleash human maximum power and spirit to avoid total annihilation and destruction. Become the first human legend that protects all last human races in universe. Bonus games wallpaper !!! (please look at [installation folder]\walpaper.jpg) Weapon: Plasma (4 level) Laser (4 level) Thunder (4 level) Starburst (ultimate) Secret item: Gemini Shadow Proton assasin Shield of immortallity Xidium32 More powerfull and faster spacecraft Galaxy rank: CADET : initial rank, no proton shield, no auto repair ability. KNIGHT : 1 Proton Shield and auto repair 1 shield/second. WARRIOR : 2 Proton Shield and auto repair 2 shield/second. CHAMPION : 3 Proton Shield and auto repair 3 shield/second. HERO : 4 Proton Shield and auto repair 4 shield/second. LEGEND : 5 Proton Shield and auto repair 5 shield/second. You will get additional legend score each time killing enemies. And many more bonus, item, bonus level, . . . . JUST TRY IT ! ! !

Retail Price: $10 USD + Vat/Sales Tax If applicable. Category: Games Publisher: axisoftware Homepage: http://www.axisoftware.com