You can buy through us with confidence. We are part of the MyCommerce and Avangate software distribution networks, the system allows us to setup discounts for vendors like Aimersoft, Aiseesoft, Wondershare etc who are also part of the network. The bigger the commission we receive from the vendor the bigger the discount we give you. We have run ads on Bing and Yahoo for over 4 years and have 1000's of happy customers. Our web site has been reviewed and approved by Bing's advertising editorial staff. Save yourself money by buying through us, you will not be disappointed.

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Order processing is provided by DR MyCommerce or Avangate, your personal details are 100% Secure. DR MyCommerce and Avangate are one of the biggest software license distributors on the web.
DR MyCommerce and Avangate do not share with Money Off your credit or debit card details. We have sold discount software since 2008 and have not had a single problem with any of our sales.

All Prices exclude VAT/Sales Tax.
Our discounts will more than make up for any taxes that may be applied depending on your Country/State. Buy Through us.

You just saved me over $30
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Thanks for the half price software.
Wimborne, Dorset, UK

We cant keep up with discounting all the products on our site we have 17000+ products. If you don't see a discount for the product your looking for please contact us with the product name and we'll send you a discount coupon with the best possible price.


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The ETF Report
The report teaches all the necessary basics a trader or investor needs to know about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). Easy to read and nice layout. Compact +16 pages with all the most important mu...
You Might Be Gaining Weight Because of Lack of Sleep The body functions best when well rested. "When you don't get enough sleep, your body experiences physiological stress and, you store fat more.
Me Speaking
Let your computer read text on your screen or convert it to MP3, WAV and more..
75 Tips to Market Software in the Economic Crisis
Vital tips on how to deal with the 2008 economic crisis and planning for what might lie ahead.
Anytexto is the software that will help you to read electronic books. It is easy-to-use, but powerfull tool that makes electronic text behavior as if it was a real book. Anytexto has its own text-t...
Chinese Medicine Clinical Abstracts
Opentcm clinical experts carefully select and organize 153 clinical report abstracts from dozen TCM professional journals in China mainland, these abstracts can help you rapidly understand clincal ...
The Senior's Guide to Creating Websites
Especially written for seniors, this easy-to-follow 54-page e-book, uses a simple 10-step process to show you how to create your own website. Helpful illustrations and tips are included throughout ...
HolyMobile Bible Reference forSmart Phone
Study the word of Christ by having the HolyMobile Bible Reference available on your Palm device wherever you are. Providing a complete Bible reference is the bedrock of our service, but if you happ...
As we experience the political battle between Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, the issue of race in America continually takes center stage. Sometimes the race issue is front and center as with the ...
Vocabulary Booster e-book, Vol. II
Vocabulary Booster E-book, Vol. II, helps students and adults boost key vocabulary.